Welcome to Guletix Yachting
Exceptional Design for Exceptional Yacht Charter

Guletix Yachting is a newly formed company by dedicated professionals with decades of experience in tourism, travel, 
and yachting and acts as a Specialist Charter Operator in Turkey.

The sole fundamental of our success is primarily based on recognizing the expectations of our guests and providing 
the right choice with the best value for every budget with an outstanding quality of service. 

Practice makes it perfect, so do we. 

We understand that spending your holiday at the seas is a way of life, a refined taste, and a privilege. Blue Voyage is 
more than chartering a yacht with a cabin and a crew for a specific period. Blue Voyage is an experience and we are here 
to make this experience much more exclusive and memorable. 

We offer you more than a yacht charter. We offer you our expertise and experience combined with personalized 
concierge services, making sure that every expectation is met from the moment of booking until we wish you 
a safe trip back home. Y
ou are in good hands.

Our platform enables you to run an extensive search according to your preferences and offers you a wide selection of yachts in various types, standards, and categories that serves your every need on the seas for a Blue Voyage Experience. Each listed yacht is thoroughly handpicked and evaluated by our expert team regarding the location, the quality of service, and the feedback from our travelers. We also have a filtering engine built-in our site to help you to choose from hundreds of yachts and check their availabilities, also list their features and pricing for you to compare.

Guletix Yachting provides extensive services and assistance for your private or cabin charter holiday of your choice. We are skilled to provide crewed yacht charter for families, friends, and exclusive groups for their special events and occasions. We also offer a selection for business or FAM trip organizations of companies besides niche and sports groups. We are here to ensure that you have the perfect type of yacht, crew, and itinerary match for your specially designed groups. 

We sincerely believe that our wave of shared experiences and ambition will be the best guidelines to offer you the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, and service.

A Brief Story of Our Journey

We believe that it all started when our paths crossed in 1998 when we both signed up for the same High School in Marmaris and studied Tourism and Travel. Ibrahim came from Eskisehir and Ugur was born and raised local. We became good friends over the years and maintained our friendship after graduation.

We both worked for travel agencies and major foreign tour operators in various destinations and countries for over 20 years and we always dreamt of having our own company as we had countless conversations about our experiences in our workplaces and visions regarding tourism. We always believed that we have the right set of skills, mindset, perspective and approach for tourism industry and we are the right people as if to the manner born.

Even though we walked on different paths, worked for different companies and in different positions, the delinquencies and limitations were similar, the stories we told each other about the difficulties we had as employees, were almost the same. It felt so easy to bond over those stories and we realized that there has always been an opportunity in the market for us. It was a calling for the right people and we simply needed to be there. 

Ibrahim was last working for a Yacht Charter company and Ugur was last working as a tourist guide and at the same time, he has been trying to develop and launch his online travel business for last 3 years.

We finally had the courage to take our first steps. It was a difficult decision to make and a huge risk to take as we had to leave our stable jobs and regular incomes during the pandemic. Elon Musk was right about starting a company is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss as the next challenge was finding a solid investor. 

We met the right person along the way, Suleyman Icel. A seasoned captain with a gulet of his own. We gathered on his gulet and we unveiled our plans and ideas with him. In an endless world of online platforms, websites and applications, we wanted a new line with a new identity risen up from the birth place of Blue Cruise and standing out among its already existing competitors. At the end of our meeting, he decided to make the investment. The rest is history. We made a pact that we would all work hard and blend our gained experiences over the years to launch the company and we partnered up under the flag of GULETIX.


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